Mastering Advanced Sportsbook Management Free Sample Workshop

1 hour sample workshop of the full course. This sample workshop will cover:

  • Module 1: Advanced Sportsbook Security and Protection
  • Module 2: Advanced Bot Detection and Management
  • Module 3: Real-Time Data Feeds and Integration
  • Module 4: True Odds Compilation
  • Module 5: Risk Management Strategies
  • Module 6: Advanced Sportsbook Analytics

This hour-long webinar provides a deep dive into advanced sportsbook management topics, offering insights and strategies to enhance security, mitigate risks, and optimize sportsbook operations.Audience participation through Q&aA sessions ensures engagement and clarity on the discussed

Who is this workshop for? - Bookmakers, Igaming operators , land based Operators, Sports book operators Regulators, Startups

Role function ideas: Sportsbook managers, Marketing managers, product managers, user experience managers, Gaming managers, Regulators, Insights teams, Finance managers, General managers, founders, CEO, CFO, CMO

January 11, 2024
4:00 pm

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