About Me

He graduated the Polyethnic University of Bucharest - holding a Diploma from the Faculty of Energetics and Electrical
Engineering - and an MBA Diploma from the Open University Business School. He is working in casino business since
1992 – when he started as a live games dealer. Andrei Frimescu has 6 years’ experience in managing live games and slot
operations, and 20 years’ experience in casino marketing and PR. In addition, he is a certified trainer – specialized in
courses for casino front line staff and managers - and a popular speaker in casino related events. He participated as
speaker in Slot Summit, Berlin 2016, as well as in all the five editions of the Marketing in Gambling Forum – a yearly
event organized in Bucharest since 2016. In December 2019 he received a special prize, for popularity, at the Romanian
Gambling Industry Grand Awards Gala.


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