Mastering Advanced Sportsbook Management

A roadmap to Sportsbook efficiency streamline your operations to increase growth.

3 days x 3 hours - 13th & 14 March 2024

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March 13, 2024
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About the Course

One thing the last year has shown us is that the sportsbook sector globally is vulnerable, and the market has been forced to adapt. As the industry attempts to get back on track and navigate operations through the markets transition into the new normal, there are some key operational aspects that must be benchmarked and improved.

Whether you are an established sportsbook or just entering the market, this course will help you to create more future proof, efficient processes, allowing your sportsbook to sustain healthy growth well into the future.

Course Goal:

  • Removing inter-department silos
  • Dynamic trading strategies to increase your edge.
  • Sourcing the best suppliers
  • Growth value from Apps

Who is this workshop for? - Bookmakers, Igaming operators , land based Operators, Sports book operators Regulators, Startups

Role function ideas: Sportsbook managers, Marketing managers, product managers, user experience managers, Gaming managers, Regulators, Insights teams, Finance managers, General managers, founders, CEO, CFO, CMO


Course Content

CPD Accredited Course

Course Schedule

Module 1: Advanced Sportsbook Security and Protection

- Introduction: Setting the stage for advanced sportsbook management and the importance of


- Fraud Detection and Prevention: Exploring advanced techniques and technologies to identify and

prevent various forms of fraud, including collusion and bonus abuse.

- Player Identity Verification: Discussing robust KYC procedures and player authentication to maintain

a secure platform.

- Cybersecurity for Sportsbooks: Examining cybersecurity measures and strategies to safeguard

against cyber threats and data breaches.

- Regulatory Compliance: Understanding the evolving landscape of sports betting regulations and

best practices for compliance.

- Q&A Session: Addressing questions from the audience.

Module 2: Advanced Bot Detection and Management

- Introduction: Highlighting the growing challenge of automated betting bots and the need for

advanced detection.

- Bot Detection Algorithms: Delving into sophisticated algorithms used to identify and mitigate

automated bots effectively.

- Machine Learning for Bot Detection: Exploring how machine learning models can be applied to

detect and combat advanced bots.

- API Security: Discussing strategies to secure APIs and prevent unauthorized access.

- Continuous Bot Monitoring: Exploring real-time monitoring systems and strategies to detect and

respond to bot activity.

- Q&A Session: Fielding questions from participants.

Module 3: Real-Time Data Feeds and Integration

- Introduction: Highlighting the significance of accurate real-time data feeds in sports betting.

- Data Feed Providers: Evaluating data providers and selecting the most reliable sources for live

sports data.

- API Integration: Exploring advanced techniques for seamless integration of real-time data into

sportsbook platforms.

- Data Quality Assurance: Discussing methods to ensure data accuracy and reliability.

- Live Odds Adjustments: Examining how real-time data impacts odds and strategies for quick


- Q&A Session: Answering audience queries.

Module 4: True Odds Compilation

- Introduction: Setting the stage for true odds compilation and its role in sportsbook management.

- Advanced Probability Models: Exploring advanced probability models, including Monte Carlo

simulations, for accurate odds calculation.

- Bayesian Inference in Odds Making: Discussing Bayesian methods and their application in odds


- Market Dynamics: Analyzing market movements and player sentiment for dynamic odds


- Odds Optimization Algorithms: Exploring algorithms to optimize odds while maintaining


- Q&A Session: Addressing questions from the audience.

Module 5: Risk Management Strategies

- Introduction: Emphasizing the critical role of risk management in sportsbook operations.

- Advanced Risk Assessment: Quantifying and managing risk exposure in complex markets.

- Hedge Betting: Exploring hedging strategies to mitigate risk and ensure consistent profitability.

- Dynamic Staking Plans: Discussing advanced staking plans for bankroll management and risk


- Event-Specific Risk Analysis: Assessing unique risk factors associated with specific sports and events.

- Q&A Session: Fielding questions from participants.

Module 6: Advanced Sportsbook Analytics

- Introduction: Highlighting the role of advanced analytics in optimizing sportsbook performance.

- Advanced Analytics Tools: Exploring advanced analytics tools for real-time insights into player

behavior and market trends.

- Player-Driven Odds: Discussing player-driven odds and user-generated content's impact on sports


- Behavioral Economics in Betting: Understanding how behavioral economics principles influence

player decisions.

- Advanced Player Segmentation: Segmenting players based on complex criteria for personalized

marketing and risk management.

- Machine Learning for Predictive Analytics: Implementing machine learning models for predicting

player behavior and market trends.

- Q&A Session: Addressing questions and concluding the webinar.

What Is Included?

  • Onboarding welcome pack containing: A pre-course questionnaire (to understand your expectations), The latest course syllabus, Joining instructions and The pre-course material
  • Full comprehensive live and interactive course
  • Opportunity to network and interact with your peers
  • Question and answers opportunity after each module
  • Course materials
  • Certificate of Course Completion
  • Post course feedback
  • Free post course private 20 minute 1-on-1 follow up session with the coach
  • CPD Accreditation Certificate