Land Based Gaming: Slot - The influence of RTP on the Player Experience

2 hour sample workshop of the full course.

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Free webinar from the coach of ‘Real-World Tools to maximise your Electronic Gaming revenues’

A firm discussion between Slot Managers, Gaming Consultants and Scientists is raging on the internet about the relationship between Return to Player % and Player Preference. Without trying to choose a side, this webinar looks at the different elements that make up the experience a player gets from the game. That obviously is much more than just the RTP%.

Duration 120 minutes plus Q&A

Who is this workshop for? Land based Operators,

Role function ideas: Marketing managers, Slot managers, gaming Managers, General managers, customer experience managers, finance managers, technical managers, Slot attendants, CEO, CFO,CMO

March 18, 2024
3:00 pm

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