Business Process Improvement in Gaming Operations

3 days x 3 hours 12th, 13th & 14th March

Starts on:
March 12, 2024
Live online course
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Andrew Visser
Business Process Improvement course director
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About the Course

Its obvious that the gaming industry is a fast pace enviroment with stake holders Struggling to get things done on time - they're delayed or regularly require herculean efforts.

while there's Significant confusion about how things should be done - nobody really knows who does what anymore.

Some of the signs that you have a challenge within your business are:

Internal choke points in the delivery of anything the business needs - single points of failure, relying on one person.

People burn out due to the stress of getting anything done - lots of frustration with other teams.

This course will help with the Challenge: Finding a simple solution that keeps what works, replaces what doesn't, without adding a huge admin overhead, and is flexible enough to change with the business.

This course should be applicable to you if you are in the following roles:

COO, Operations Director, Head of Operations, Senior Project Manager, Marketing Operations Lead/Manager, Operations Manager, Head of Customer/Casino Operations, Casino Operations Lead/Manager, Player Operations Lead/Manager, Head of Business/Corporate Operations

Course Content

Lesson One: Discover & Document

  • Key Terms
  • Signs of problems 
  • Internal: Missing deadlines, poor delivery of (something), staff complaints, team friction
  • External: Customer complaints, issues with regulators
  • Causes
  • Internal: Changes to the business; growth, merger, 
  • External: 
  • Analysing problems
  • No blame approach
  • Getting to the actual process
  • Finding why
  • Documentation
  • Tools
  • Mapping/Diagrams
  • Business case - the cost of doing nothing
  • Direct costs: Lost sales, missed deadlines, staffing level
  • In-direct costs: Poor reputation, employee stress, missed opportunities
  • Define success

Lesson Two: Design & Decide

  • Introduction to frameworks
  • Lots of frameworks for this: ITIL, COBIT, LEAN, Six Sigma
  • Pick one and do part of it. 
  • Solution Design
  • Seven Principles of Processes Design
  • Business case updates
  • Cost of solution
  • Getting buy-in - stakeholder management
  • How to work with stakeholders

You can use a framework, but it could be overkill

Don’t try to use it all - not needed, counterproductive

Lesson Three: Deliver & Do

  • Deciding on a framework for your business
  • Pick one, or part of one
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Implementation
  • Tools
  • People/Skills
  • Timing
  • What’s the back-up plan?
  • Stakeholder agreement
  • Communication
  • Review
  • Once delivered, review continuously.
  • KPIs
  • Mapping to strategy

Design the process to create value in stages

Split into parts, combine parts - but keep it simple and flexible

Make sure communication is built into the process.

A new process to fix what’s not working and keep what is

Map that to the teams and tools

What Is Included?

Onboarding welcome pack containing: A pre-course questionnaire (to understand your expectations), The latest course syllabus, Joining instructions and The pre-course material

  • Full comprehensive live and interactive course
  • Opportunity to network and interact with your peers
  • Question and answers opportunity after each module
  • Course materials
  • Certificate of Course Completion
  • Post course feedback
  • Free post course private 20 minute 1-on-1 follow up session with the coach
  • CPD Accreditation Certificate