About Me

Richard Marcus is the organizer of the Global Table Games and Game
Protection Conference in Las Vegas. For the first 25 years of his casino
career, he was one of the most notorious professional casino cheats in
the history of legal casinos. After retiring from cheating, Richard
wrote his memoirs in a tell-all book "American Roulette" ("The Great
Casino Heist" in the UK and Europe) in 2003. The book attracted many
executives in the Table Games and Game Protection sectors, and Richard
was invited to be the lead speaker at the 2007 World Game Protection
Conference in Las Vegas. Since then, Richard has turned the tables not
only on the industry but as well on himself when he began to work FOR
the casinos as a game protection consultant and trainer. Today he
consults to and trains casino Table Games and Surveillance staffs across
the world and has spoken at many international gaming conferences
including the G2E, the Aces Casino Summit in Singapore and the Peru
Gaming Show in Lima, and is scheduled to speak at the upcoming
GTGC/GGPC. He has also published three other books on casino and poker
scams as well as Identity Theft.


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